Agilent Technologies: Driving New Quality Standards

Agilent Technologies: Driving New Quality Standards

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Mike McMullen, President & CEO, Agilent TechnologiesMike McMullen, President & CEO, Agilent Technologies The life science industry is a complex world that encompasses research labs, diagnostic labs, next-generation sequencing (NGS) labs, and biobanks. The specific requirements of each lab slightly vary from each other, but as a whole, all of them always look for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. A front-runner in lab management industry is Agilent Technologies that provides laboratories with instruments, tools, services, consumables, applications, and expertise enabling them to gain the insights they seek. Whether a laboratory is into food testing, environmental and forensic, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, or academic research, Agilent provides laboratory solutions to meet their full range of needs.

The company provides four types of services, CrossLab Enterprise Services, CrossLab Instrument Services, Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, and Vacuum Services. Agilent’s CrossLab Enterprise Services provide cohesive support, compliance, advisory services, and asset management across multiple labs. Through this service, the company offers technology enabling the use of analytics to enhance performance, maintenance, and utilization of the client’s lab assets. In addition, CrossLab Enterprise Services also provide multi-vendor repair, maintenance, compliance, and single-source lab solutions that enhance productivity along with advisory services, asset management, compliance, and laboratory analytics.

On the other hand, CrossLab Instrument Services encompasses services for both Agilent and non-Agilent instruments, along with experts who provide an array of services such as inventory management, training and education, data analytics, relocation services, lab-management consulting and technology refresh programs. CrossLab service engineers seek to understand their clients’ applications they are running and the software that they are using. The engineers then connect the clients to a team of Agilent specialists to help them develop or optimize their methods.

Apart from these, CrossLab Instrument Service focus on delivering better lab economics, cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced efficiency through better utilization, financial management, and several more. Its services also extend to providing training to younger scientists who are new to the technology along with services and support to maintain a compliant laboratory, on-demand repair, and preventive maintenance.

Moreover, in the form of Nucleic Acid Solutions Division, Agilent helps its customers benefit from industry leading experience to efficiently advance their lead oligo candidates from clinic to market with a common goal of patient health and safety. The division is equipped to serve all oligo API requirements of the clients providing early-stage clinical development, late stage and commercial development, qualification and validation, analytical development, chemical development, and stability services.

Agilent Technologies also provides vacuum services keeping client’s laboratories running smoothly and effectively. The company offers a wide range of plans and programs and depending on the necessity, clients can choose among a variety of product repair, exchanges, or upgrade options. Clients also have the option to rely on Agilent to help them determine the best and most cost-effective plan for their application.

Whether a laboratory is into food testing, environmental and forensic, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, or academic research Agilent provides laboratory solutions to meet their full range of needs

Vacuum product services include factory service, remote care, advanced replacement and exchange, extended care, upgrade programs, and field service. In addition, for larger enterprises, the company offers laboratory relocation services, laboratory compliance services, and support for multi-lab, multi-vendor operations.

Solutions and Products Supporting Labs across the World

Since its inception in 1999, Agilent is supporting analytical scientists and clinical researchers worldwide to fulfill their most complex laboratory demands. The company’s instruments, products, and solutions address the full range of scientific and laboratory management needs so that its clients focus on what they do best– improve the world around us.

From analytical instruments and supplies, life sciences, clinical and diagnostic testing to lab management and consulting, dissolution testing, lab automation, and vacuum and leak detection, Agilent provides products for each and every space. Chromatography, mass spectrometry, cell analysis, FISH probes, PCR/Real-time PCR (qPCR), flow cytometry, automation solutions are some of the key products of the company.

Agilent also offers solutions to different lab domains, such as clinical research, forensics, materials testing, and research, semiconductor analysis, pathology, and homeland security. Not only this, but the company’s collaborative spirit is exemplified its track record of successful partnerships with universities and colleges around the world. Agilent offers several ground-breaking teaching and learning tools as well as programs for teachers and students to enhance the curriculum, turn theory into practice, and to endow teaching labs with industry-standard technologies. The company also helps in academic research by providing support and programs, like the Agilent Thought Leader Award and the Agilent Early Career Professor Award.

Helping Researchers Achieve their Goals

Agilent focuses on six key markets helping its clients to achieve their goals while improving their return on investment. For the food industry, the company helps its clients that include government regulators and labs to ensure that the global food supply is free of contaminants. It also supports private companies that produce, package, and sell food to the public. For environmentalists, Agilent provides fast, accurate and sensitive methods to monitor contaminants affecting the quality of life; whereas the company plays a pivotal role in law enforcement by providing robust tools and instruments to analyze and verify evidence at trial.

The company has the broadest portfolio of solutions for the firms serving the pharmaceutical industry that provide exact answers for every part of the industry, be it regarding drug discovery or manufacturing and quality control. Agilent also makes sure that the client firms, their instruments, and processes conform to the highest compliance. While for pathology labs, Agilent’s solutions help them deliver fast, accurate information to the doctors, hospitals, and medical centers they serve so that patients can receive the most effective care they deserve.

Besides, Agilent serves chemical and energy, and research markets too. For chemical and energy, the company’s solutions help customers maximize their production and predict failures in their refineries before they happen. However, for life sciences and diagnostics research, Agilent helps researchers gain deep insights about cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism and other ailments. The solutions and the instruments of the company help researchers and scientists conduct faster, more accurate research.

Collaborating and Promoting a Culture of Innovation and Teamwork

Intending to empower research and development, Agilent partners, collaborates as well as acquires businesses. Each of the company’s brands in the portfolio is a hallmark of Agilent’s innovation and commitment to customer success. Currently, at Agilent, the fight against cancer is at the forefront. To fight against this deadly disease, the company has acquired Dako, a provider of reagents, instruments, software, and expertise, in 2012. With the combined strength, Agilent is now able to accelerate revolutionary new technologies from research into a clinical setting, while enabling healthcare providers to serve their patients better.

Furthermore, Agilent has also acquired Genohm in May 2018 that develops and maintains on-premise software solutions for laboratory management. Genohm’s SLIMS provides flexible features that can be quickly optimized for any lab’s needs as well as it also facilitates workflow management. Since Agilent and Genohm are both focused on customer-centric innovation, the addition of SLIMS platform is believed to be an outstanding strategic fit with the former, and together both the companies can easily accelerate the development of the digital lab.

Looking Ahead

Agilent has recently unveiled a new system for RNA and DNA quality control laboratories that offer a more inexpensive, low-throughput option for analyzing the quality of RNA and DNA samples. In addition, the company has also strengthened its partnership with Imperial College London and a number of state-of-the-art analytical instruments have been installed into the college’s Molecular Sciences Research Hub. The installation will give the college faculty, students, researchers and collaborators access to the latest analytical instruments providing a better push forward their interdisciplinary research in areas such as energy and chemicals, materials, clinical diagnostics, food, agriculture, biopharmaceuticals, and environmental testing.

“The generous contribution that Agilent is making in establishing the Agilent Measurement Suite will have a tremendous impact on our capacity to perform globally significant science across a range of challenges in human and animal health, the development of new molecules and materials, and in enhancing their understanding of our environment,” stated Professor Tony Cass, Professor of Chemical Biology, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and Fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and Society of Biology.

As one of the fastest growing companies, Agilent has been honored and awarded several times, which includes, 2018 Innovation Award from The Analytical Scientist, recognization by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity 2019 in which it is on the number 53 out of the 500 companies on the listing. The company has also been named ranked among Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies 2019. The company gained the number three position, moving up from number 17 the previous year.

Today, Agilent serves clients across the world deriving significant business from the three significant geographies – Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific. With the mission to “improve the human condition” and believe in sustainability, the company aims to continue to push the boundaries of what is currently possible in the complex laboratory world.

- Alex D’souza
    June 20, 2019