Millennium Health: Driving the Future of Drug Testing

Millennium Health: Driving the Future of Drug Testing

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Dave Henderson, CIO, Millennium HealthDave Henderson, CIO, Millennium Health
According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (
CDC), there are nearly 130 opioid-related drug overdose deaths in the U.S. every day. The majority of these deaths involve synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, which is 80 times more potent than morphine and increasingly being illicitly manufactured for abuse. Second in opioid-related overdose deaths is heroin, followed by natural and semi-synthetic opioids, including the prescription medications oxycodone and hydrocodone. Issues associated with opioid abuse have led to a public health crisis and the need for better methods to adequately manage pain, prevent misuse, and treat opioid use disorders.

Millennium Health is a CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified specialty laboratory that delivers timely, accurate, and clinically-actionable information that is helping to address this crisis. Millennium’s drug testing services are used by a variety of specialties, including substance-abuse disorder and pain management providers. Dave Henderson, CIO of Millennium Health, views the issue from a technology-driven perspective and says, “By providing the healthcare community with a laboratory fully dedicated to obtaining objective information about patients through comprehensive toxicology and drug testing, we can help clinicians make more informed treatment choices for their patients.”

The laboratory specializes in medication monitoring and genetic testing, including pharmacogenetics. With a focus on improving user experiences (UX) and customer experiences (CX) for healthcare professionals and payers respectively, Henderson and his team developed a client-facing order management platform that was designed with inspiration drawn from industry disruptors such as Uber and Nest that offer convenient services, allowing users to make choices based on real-time information via an intuitive design.

Millennium Health’s platform similarly leverages the company’s years of expertise in the clinical industry and allows it to provide meaningful insights into emerging drug use trends.

Millennium Health’s customer-centric approach to the design of forward-facing products has made the company an industry leader in the healthcare sector. This commitment includes a cloud-first approach that involves SaaS and PaaS providers that enabled it to reduce, refocus, and embed technical resources into their business teams.

Through this platform, Millennium Health can integrate several disparate data feeds to offer relevant information in real time as healthcare providers interact with the system. The company can empower clinicians to actively engage with their patient and payer data to make more informed choices about medications and treatment plans, and gain greater awareness of regional and national trends while providing enhanced value to customers by encouraging compliance with payer policies.

From these efforts, the company now has a unified and focused vision that supports the output of tailored, customer-facing initiatives, including peer-reviewed publications that yield new insights into patient care, and a proprietary customer platform and clinical intelligence tool. Additionally, leveraging its platform—which is a blend of the industry’s standard order management practices and the organization’s extensive clinical expertise—the company was able to conduct two nationwide studies on illicit and prescription drug trends, the Millennium Health Signals Report and another published by JAMA Network Open. Both studies were made possible by feeding raw data into the company’s platform to produce insightful information through the power of analytics.

The company communicates with its customers actively in its effort to highlight the value of comprehensive medication monitoring and pharmacogenetic testing for a healthcare provider. Moving forward, Millennium Health will continue to innovate on modern-day technologies for providing real-time ordering capabilities through its interactive platform, Intellium.